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Bob Johnson Invitational 2008
Contest Results

No Picture of Winners for this category.

On March 15th, 2008, carvers throughout the region entered
decoys into competition at the "Bob Johnson Invitational" held in
Brainerd, MN  to earn points that could lead them to a
 NFDA World Point Championship at
 "The Gathering" in Perham on April 12th.

Judges for the "Bob Johnson Invitational" included Gary Hull,
Jane Litchy, Rod Osvold and Bob Johnson (not shown).

 Judges worked throughout the afternoon analyzing each entry.  They
 all agreed there is never a loser when it comes to the competition.
It's a difficult task to judge a decoy as each one has it's own distinct
personality defined by it's curves, colors, and swim. Although only the
top five are recognized in each of the categories it is important to
remember the hours of work and creativity that goes into creating
 a decoy, not to mention the imagination. Every carver should be
commended for their fine work.

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