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Robert Johnson

Bob Johnson is a professional Brainerd Lakes spearing guide, too.
Visit his site at

Bob was inspired to carve and spear at an early age by his father, a local legend during his time and an outdoorsman.  The fish  decoys his father carved  were used as a necessity to harvest fish. Although Bob lost his father before he was a teen he continues to carve decoys and practice the spearing techniques he learned from his mentor.

His strong beliefs in spearing have kept him active in promoting decoy carving and lobbying to keep the sport and spirit of darkhouse spearing alive.  He is an active member of the Brainerd Chapter of the Minnesota Darkhouse & Angling Association as well as a supporter of the NFDA. He had also, as an instructor, initiated carving classes in the Brainerd High School which, unfortunately, have been eliminated due to budget cuts.  Because of the successful participation of the students, many other schools in Minnesota  have followed his steps in offering decoy carving classes. Bob is also a promoter and participant in the annual "Whitefish Open" which is a competition spearing contest between decoy carvers held each January.


Bob's artistic talents have not gone unrecognized. He has won well over 200 1st place titles in National and World competitions for carving. He has been featured in magazines, documentaries, and newspapers across the country. He was NFDA World Points Champions in 2004. His talents go beyond carving. The summer of 2007, Bob spent many hours experimenting with pottery. He is also a photographer not to mention his drawings/paintings which include several of the "The Gathering" prints which are available for sale on the NFDA site in the Photo Gallery.

Bob should also be recognized for his continuous contributions and support to the NFDA
website. He has written stories for "Fish Tales" and contributed recipes to the
"Fish Food" page. He also avidly promotes the site to his students and friends.

Bob ended the last day of 2007 by spearing the largest pike he has taken to date. It
was 40.5 inches long and attracted in by a decoy carved by one of his students.

Contact Bob at:

Bob Johnson is a professional Brainerd Lakes
 spearing guide, too.
Visit his site at

View Bob's most recent contribution to the NFDA Website... "Return to Hell Creek" located in Fish Tales.

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