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Jacob Sazama

My name is Jacob Sazama. I began making fish decoys in the winter of 2001 when I went ice fishing with my Dad and Brother. I thought that I could probably make one of these decoys so I came home and started making my first decoy. I began with the regular fishing decoys and they turned out not too bad and I even got them to swim.

     In April of 2001 I went to the John Jensen Nationals in Perham and saw that many other people made decoys. I was amazed at all of the different ones out there. I went home with a determination to make more decoys. I tried to make them look more like real fish. It is a challenge for me to try to make them look as realistic as possible.

     In 2003 I entered a few of my decoys in the Jr. Divisions at "The Gathering" show. I did very well getting several First Place Ribbons.

     In April of 2004... I entered more of my fish decoys at the show, and entered a few of the advanced categories. I carved a 20" Largemouth bass that took a second place in competition with "the big boys". I also had several Blue ribbons awarded for some of my other entries.

     In April of 2005, I started carving frogs and turtle.

     I am still making decoys and I am still trying to out do myself on making them look like they just came out of the water.

You may call or write me if you would like me to make you a fish decoy...

Jacob Sazama

37738 423rd St.

Dent,  Minnesota  56528

PHONE - (218-758-2724)


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