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The carving hobby for Lloyd Radi began around the year of 1946 when he was to go spearing with a friend and didn't
have any decoys to use. So, Lloyd found himself some hockey sticks and creatively made himself a couple decoys for the
adventure. After a short period on the lake he speared himself a nice northern which he hung outside of his spear house. Shortly
after a guy knocked on the door and asked him what he was using. Lloyd showed off his 6 inch red and white hand carved
decoy. The man asked Lloyd if he had anymore but he had to tell him no as Lloyd still had another couple fish to go before he
reached his limit. After a period of time Lloyd got another nice northern and once again hung it outside the house. The persistent
guy returned asking him to sell him the decoy because nobody else was even seeing a fish and here was Lloyd with nearly a
limit already. Lloyd refused to sell the decoy as he still had one more fish to go. Twenty minutes later Lloyd got his final northern
for the day. The guy soon came again offering to pay $5 for that decoy. Lloyd finally gave in and sold the decoy with the man asking if he had anymore he was willing to sell. Well, Lloyd new his buddy across the lake had one so off they went to seek out the second decoy to sell. However, once they arrived, the friend was still working on his limit so the guy had to wait for a short period before the final northern had been speared. The second decoy sold for another $5 and again the question came about as to whether Lloyd could provide him with more decoys. They conversed for awhile and agreed that upon their next visit Lloyd would have some extra decoys made for them. He made up thirteen more decoys and sold them all (after they got their fish) for $5 each. (December 1946)

Throughout the years of spearing Lloyd's largest pike speared was 17 pounds.

To this day, Lloyd continues to carve approximately 100 fish decoys each year. In addition to his decoys he carves
about 50 other things such as birds and people. Lloyd goes to his son's (Dan) store, Radi Sports, nearly everyday where he
has a place set up for him to carve. Lloyd starts his carving with a hatchet to rough things out then uses a knife for
for the detail. His finished product is a one of a kind piece of art that is sought out by many collectors.

Aside from Lloyd being a member of the NFDA, he is also actively involved with the Crookston Carving
Club which meets the third Monday of every month.

As of this publication, October 1, 2008, Lloyd is a young 82 years of age.

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